Other Services

Other Services

If you have made it to this page, chances are that you need a fairly unique Occupational Health and/or Occupational Hygiene Service that you did not see listed in our primary sections.HealthyWorker focuses our availability of services in line with the required testing components of our Client’s Occupational Health and Safety Company Specific Policies and Procedures, and the Occupational Health and Safety Alberta legislation. This allows us to assist Employers with compliance with all applicable acts, laws and policies to ensure that the Health of their Workers is their first priority.

Available Services

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Fit Hearing Protection Fittings. Dozens of styles and colours available. HealthyWorker is an authorized distributer for Custom Protect Ear Inc. products. Our certified technician take an impression mold of the ear canals and then ship them off for production. In a few weeks you will have hand crafted custom hearing protection that is warrantied for 5 years. You ear canals continue to grow throughout your life so a new set will be required every 5 years. Rush production and shipping is available. This service is by appointment only as our technician travels all over Southern Alberta to perform this service.


DOT Consortium Random Pool services for corporations, small and medium businesses and owner/operators. If you are a US Department of Transportation regulated company, you are required to belong to a DOT Consortium that draws 50% of the pool for Drug testing and 10% of the pool for Alcohol testing with the testing occurring at the beginning of each quarter. HealthyWorker does not charge to belong to our DOT Consortium Random Pool. If you require this service, please contact us for details. 403 394 9075



Ergonomic Evaluations

Sitting in a chair all day using a computer?  Performing repetitive tasks all day with equipment and machinery? Ergonomics will keep you healthy. The science of designing a task or job to fit the worker performing the job. Ergonomics helps to prevent workplace injuries, decreases lost work days, decreases mistakes and increases employee morale, efficiency and productivity.  Ergonomic evaluations can identify how a job can be modified or how a job could be completed with reductions in potential injuries leading to increased profitability in your business.

Our experienced ergonomic specialists use world renowned systems to assess work site hazards and recommend controls.

Our approach involves an initial visit from our ergonomic specialist to perform a general study of the flow of work in the facility and review jobs that require an ergonomic screening. The specialist will also have a short discussion with employees performing the tasks. Available injury statistics will be reviewed to determine any common trends. Concurrently, solutions that can be implemented immediately will be recommended.

Our specialist will then follow up to do specific studies to identify if there are specific ergonomic problems. This is called the “find it, fix it and check for success” process, and requires specialized assessment technique and tools.

The findings will be documented on an integrated Ergonomic Problem—Action Form. Every job would be observed at least twice at different times to ensure the findings recorded are accurate and complete.

The specific ergonomic problems in a job are reviewed and examined to determine the level of ergonomic acceptability using a structured and formalized rating system. The Best Exposure Scoring Technique is then used to determine a job hazard score to prioritize the risk.

This approach also enables a trained specialist to initially screen for risk factors and determine if the solutions identified solves the problem. The risk, risk rating and physical stressors are then documented on the Baseline Risk Identification of Ergonomic Form.

Our ergonomic specialist performs data analysis which may include NIOSH lifting equation, Push/pull/carry analysis, Design and build guidelines, Employee involvement and Pareto analysis. Recommendations for action are then provided and categorized into Engineering, Administrative, and work practices control. Priority Matrix is also added to provide a visual for the impact of each control to cost.


Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) Job Demands Analysis

HealthyWorker also conducts on-site job studies by looking at various features of the job.

This includes the environmental, psychosocial and physical demands of the job.

Our Occupational Specialist collects the data via observations and interviews of employees.

Upon completion and analysis, we provide a comprehensive report for each job with potential risk factors and the recommendations that may include administrative, workplace practices and engineering controls.

This helps employers, employees and health professional plan a modified return to work program and job placement.

Don’t have the budget at this time for us to perform the assessment(s)? Complete a WCBAB form C545 until you are able to have more formal assessments completed by our staff.



Chiropractic and other specialist assessments / treatments.

Please contact for details, pricing and availability. 403 394 9075


Noise Diffusion. Noise Attenuation. Noise Abatement. Noise Reduction. Sound Masking. Sound Barriers. Noise Dampening. If you require any assistance scattering or reducing noise in your office or industrial setting, please contact us. We carry a unique line of products that are custom created to meet your specific needs. Our Occupational Hygiene technicians are able to assist with almost any noise related concern. We provide the most advanced line of products related to controlling noise. From reducing the sound of heavy machinery in the work area to the creation of a confidential environment in your office related to communications so as to meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act, our products will meet your needs in a style that conforms to your settings. Please contact us for a consultation or to receive information related to products and/or pricing. 403 394 9075


Professional Staffing – please contact us for details and to confirm availability

Licenced Practical Nurse Staffing

Registered Nurse Staffing

Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Canada) Staffing

Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Staffing

Advanced First Aider Staffing

Emergency Medical Responder Staffing


First Aid Training and Instruction

Many companies require first aid certifications for their staff. The most economical way to achieve continued certification levels is through proper planning of the training cycles for recertification and new staff training. There are many great companies in Lethbridge, Albert that provide all levels of training. If your worker(s) do not have availability in the next offered course, please contact HealthyWorker and we can arrange short notice or reduced class size instruction. Unique instruction times are also available but remain subject to staff availability.



DOT Supervisor Training – 120 minutes required once per career. Please contact us to book this training and for details. 403 394 9075


Hearing Conservation and Noise Management – Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075
Respiratory Protection Management – Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075
Disability Management – Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075
Repetitive Strain Management – Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075


Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Canada) Hourly Consultation Services.

Returning a worker to the work area as soon as reasonably possible following a work related or non-work related injury is the most effective way to return a worker to full duties in gainful and meaningful employment. The wonderful thing is that you have a business to manage. We understand that most companies simply do not have the time or resources to employ someone full time to be the return to work planning specialist. Your Human Resources personal and Supervisors have so many dual roles that asking them to plan the safe return of a worker to the work area is not as task that they are experienced in. HealthyWorker is able to assist you with this unique return to work planning requirement. We can provide you with custom documentation that uniquely demonstrates your Company requirements as they relate to the return to work process while protecting your worker’s health, and your corporate liabilities. Let us  guide you through both work related and non-work related return to work planning including the provision of alternate and modified duties, gradual return to work duties, physician’s letters and consolation, and employee consultation regarding their current health status. Your worker’s medical and mental health conditions are protected grounds under the Alberta Human Rights Act. Allow our professional staff to be the filter between the information that you need to convey to the Physician and what information you need from the Physician to plan the safe return to work of your Worker. Contact us today for details. 403 394 9075


Please contact HealthyWorker to arrange the following services. 403 394 9075

HealthyWorker provides a full range of Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene services to meet our client’s needs. If your requested service is available through Alberta Health Services we will usually refer your Company to the most convenient location to obtain this service for your worker(s).  This will include referral to the local Community Health Program for both routine immunizations and seasonal immunizations. Tuberculosis testing is a public health concern that should be conducted by Alberta Health Services to ensure that follow up for potentially affected community members is initiated without delay. If the requested service is not directly related to a component of the worker’s bona fide occupational requirement for their position, the worker must provide consent for the service and the requested service must be a component of your Company’s Occupational Health and Safety or other applicable policies.

HealthyWorker believes in the protection of the rights of all persons in Alberta and Canada.


If your services can not be provided through an existing component of Alberta Health Services or they are a unique requirement for your location, please contact HealthyWorker to arrange any of the following services which are subject to staffing and other availability. HealthyWorker Easter Egg – call and tell us a clean funny joke and we will post it at our Clinic for others to enjoy. 403 394 9075

Immunizations Clinics – All immunizations in Alberta are recorded in the Alberta Health Services electronic database. Free influenza clinics are offered at dozens of locations across Alberta. If you require a private clinic for your staff, please contact us for details and pricing.

Blood Draws – If you require company specific private blood draws, please contact us for details and pricing. This service is subject to staffing availability.

DNA testing – Paternity / Maternity and other DNA testing services. Please contact us for details and pricing. This service is subject to staffing availability.