On site Testing

On site Testing

We understand that for smaller organizations it is more economical to have your workers attend our clinic in Lethbridge for testing. For Companies with more than 5 workers and for all companies in Southern Alberta the hourly and travel costs to send your workers to a larger city can be prohibitive. We are dedicated to the Health of Every Worker. Our Mobile Testing staff can bring our professional level of service to your location to reduce your costs, improve the health of your workers and to ensure compliance with Company policy requirements and Occupational Health and Safety Alberta testing requirements. The lower costs required for one of our technicians to perform services at your location versus having all of your workers drive to a Clinic are easy to understand. Our current fleet of vehicles is expanding and modernizing to reduce the time required on site for testing. Our bus is able to test two workers at the same time for hearing testing resulting in approximately 8 workers being tested per hour. We have incorporated levels of automation into all of our services to reduce the work load of our staff to ensure that we offer the most competitive pricing in Southern Alberta.


The following services are available for onsite testing at your location:

Noise and Hearing – Individual Services and Full Service Packages.

Our technicians are trained to assess the level of noise in your work areas (sound level meter assessment), determine the noise exposure of all worker positions (noise dosimetry and noise mapping), provide a report based on the work positions that are at risk with recommendations for changes to processes or minimum hearing protection requirements (noise management and hearing conservation programs), assess your worker’s baseline hearing (audiometric assessments), perform yearly and bi-annual follow up (continuation audiometric / hearing testing), review abnormal hearing test records (by a certified Audiologist), report any areas of concern in the work environment (noise / hearing testing results consultation), and provide Custom Hearing Protection (with onsite ear mold impressions as an authorized distributer for Custom Protect Ear). Call today to book Services. 403 394 9075


Air Quality and Respiratory Protection – Individual Services and Full Service Packages.

HealthyWorker technicians are able to determine the air quality risks at an Employer’s location (MSDS review and air quality sampling with Laboratory confirmation sample values to determine risks related to the Occupational Exposure Limits for each exposure material), suggest methods of improving the air quality in the work environment (air quality comprehensive reporting), determine possible respiratory protective equipment requirements and provide testing for any required equipment (qualitative mask fit testing / quantitative mask fit testing / 6 month compressed breathing air testing), and confirm a worker’s ability to wear a respirator in the work environment without aggravation of any existing conditions (medical history review, Nurse and Physician Medicals, and Spirometry / Pulmonary (Lung) Function Testing).

Our on staff Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Canada) reviews all respiratory questionnaires to assist workers and employers to identify possible health risks related to respirator use. Using a combination of respirator specific exploratory intake forms, telephone consultations, emails, faxes, direct interactions, other telehealth communications methods our Professional Staff are able to provide extremely cost effective results in the exploration of possible accommodation requirements that would allow a worker to use the respirator in the work area.

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