OH&S AB Requirements

OH&S AB Requirements

Occupational Health and Safety Alberta (OH&S AB) legislation requires Employers in Alberta to ensure that Workers are protected from all hazards in the work area. These code requirements are applicable to all industries.OHS Act / Regulation / Code / Explanation Guidehumanservices.alberta.ca

Occupational Health and Safety Code Alberta

CSA Standards Referenced in the code


Changes to the Code

Compliance Policy and Enforcement Procedures
Ticketing and Administrative Penalties

HealthyWorker is dedicated to the Health of every Worker. We specialize in the provision of services related to legislation that apply to Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene. All Canadian Provinces and Territories follow similar legislation, the following Parts are specifically related to the Occupational Health and Safety Alberta Code

Part 1 – Definitions and General Application
Part 2 – Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control
Part 4 – Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards and Harmful Substances
Part 7 – Emergency Preparedness and Response
Part 11 – First Aid
Part 13 – Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee
Part 16 – Noise Exposure
Part 18 – Personal Protective Safety Equipment
Part 18-8 – Respiratory Protective Equipment
Part 22 – Safeguards
Part 24 – Toilets and Washing Facilities
Part 25 – Tools, Equipment and Machinery
Part 26 Ventilation Systems
Part 27 Violence
Part 28 Working Alone
Part 29 Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMIS)
Part 35 Health Care and Industries with Biological Hazards

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