Noise Management

Noise Management

All employers are required to determine the noise exposure in their work areas. If the noise is above 85 dBA, a noise assessment must be completed. Our Occupational Hygiene Professionals can assist your company to determine the time weighted exposure of your workers in all work areas. With this information we can assist you to build a Noise Management and Hearing Conservation program that protects your worker’s hearing. If the noise is below 85 dBA, nuisance noise may still be present that is impacting the health of your

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety code (Part 16 – NOISE) states that:

1)        A Noise Exposure assessment must be completed if workers are or may be exposed to excessive noise. The noise measurement must be completed by instruments approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, IEC Standards or others approved by Director of Occupational Hygiene such as

a.       Sound level meter

b.       Integrated sound meter

c.        Dosimeter (dosimetry)


2)     Engineering (example modifying or replacing noise producing equipment) or/ and administrative (example rotation of tasks and schedules) controls must be implemented to reduce the noise level to not more than 85dBA Lex.


3)      Personal protection program must be implemented if engineering and administrative controls do not reduce the noise levels to an acceptable one. A personal protection program must consist of:

a.       Hearing protection devices must be provided to workers (and must be worn by the workers) in a noise hazardous environment.

b.       Hearing Tests (audiometry) must be completed in accordance to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety code.

c.        Noise Hazard Signs must be posted on or adjacent to entrances of noise hazard environment.

d.       Training of workers


4)       Administration of personal protection program consisting of maintenance of equipment, record keeping, audiometry scheduling and more according to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code.

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