New Clinic

New Clinic

HealthyWorker moved to our new purpose built Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene clinic in December of 2013.

All available services are performed from our new location in the industrial area of Lethbridge at: Bay 4, 542 39th Street North, Lethbridge, Alberta T1H6Y2. From this location we provide; in DOT Collection and Testing Services, Point of Collection Drug Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Hearing Testing, Mask Fit Testing Services, Medical Assessments, Spirometry Services, Clinic Services, Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing, Mobile Hearing Testing, Mobile Respiratory Protection Testing, Occupational Hygiene Noise and Air Quality Services, Post Incident Clinic and Mobile Services, DOT Consortium Services, and many other Occupational Health Services.


At this new Clinic location we have dedicated areas for conducting:

Drug and Alcohol Testing including Point of Collection Testing, Post Incident, Post Accident and After Hours Services.


Hearing Testing to determine baseline assessments and yearly testing requirements.


LPN / RN / COHN(C) medical assessments and confirmation assessments of a worker’s ability to perform the bona fide occupational requirements for their position.


Spirometry / Pulmonary Function Testing to determine if adequate lung function is present to wear a respirator with or without accommodation requirements.


Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing using subjective taste assessments for confirmation of an adequate seal while wearing a Mask / Respirator. We encourage workers to bring their own mask to the testing to confirm the testing but we have the following Respirators available in our Clinic for testing:

3M N95 Masks – 9105 (V Flex) / 8110S / 8210 / 8511

3M 6200M ½ Mask

3M 6300L ½ Mask

3M 7502M ½ Mask

3M 7503L ½ Mask

3M 6700 Small Full Mask

3M 6800 Medium Full Mask

3M 6900 Large Full Mask

North 5500 Medium ½ Mask

North 5500 Large ½ Mask

North 7700M ½ Mask

North 7700L ½ Mask

North 7600 M/L Full Mask

Scott AV2000L Full Mask

Scott AV3000M Full Mask

Scott AV3000L

If you do not see your mask listed here, please contact us. 403 394 9075


Please ensure that the worker(s) being tested shave prior to the test (if applicable). Moustaches that do not interfere with the respirator are allowed. Being clean shaven is a requirement of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and is necessary to obtain a proper seal when wearing a respirator.


Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing. Using a calibrated electronic testing device that objectively determines the particle count both inside the mask and outside the mask to confirm that an adequate seal has been obtained. We currently carry adapters for the following respirators; Scott, MSA, North, 3M, and Survivair. There are hundreds of different Respirator Brands and styles. Each style requires an adapter for attachment to the filter connection on the mask to conduct the test. We acquire new adapters based on the needs of our clients.


Custom Fit Hearing Protection Fittings. HealthyWorker is an authorized distributer for Custom Protect Ear Inc. products. Our certified technician take an impression mold of the ear canals and then ship them off for production. In a few weeks you will have hand crafted custom hearing protection that is warrantied for 5 years. You ear canals continue to grow throughout your life so a new set will be required every 5 years. Rush production and shipping is available. This service is by appointment only as our technician travels all over Southern Alberta to perform this service.


Physical Demands Analysis. Our professional staff are able to determine a worker’s range of motion and musculoskeletal functional ability as it is related to the bona fide occupational requirements for the position. We have over 200lbs of free and cable weights to gradually confirm a worker’s lifting ability. Many Employer’s require confirmation of a worker’s ability to perform specific occupational tasks including assembly equipment and the performance of repetitive tasks. We have multiple stations to confirm a worker’s ability to perform unique tasks and we continually acquire new equipment to meet the needs of our Clients. Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075


Vision Screening. Every job or task requires minimum vision requirements including colour differentiation, peripheral vision, and distance / near vision. If a worker is not able to read without corrective lenses they may not be able to complete orientation or safely perform their duties. Many new workers require corrective lenses but cannot afford new glasses or contacts until after they receive their first paycheck or benefits. Knowing the accommodation requirements prior to the start of work will allow an Employer to modify orientation or the job requirements until the worker can be assessed by their Physician.


And other Occupational Health Assessments. Please contact us if you require a service that you do not see listed above. 403 394 9075

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