Hearing Testing


Do you have noise in your work areas?

If you answered yes, you must complete a noise assessment.
If the noise is below 85 dBA it may be causing health problems for your workers that can be avoided with simple modifications to the work environment.
If the noise is above 85 dBA, hearing protection is mandatory for these workers.
Our Occupational Hygiene Staff are able to quickly determine the noise levels in your work areas to identify the workers that require inclusion in the Noise Management and Hearing Conservation Program through thoroughly effective mobile hearing testing.


HealthyWorker has conducted thousands of clinic and mobile hearing tests for workers in Alberta. We are currently the audiometric testing record keeper for many prior vendors in Southern Alberta. Our Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Canada) is able to obtain and keep your records from any location that your workers were previously tested with your worker’s individual consent. Both our clinic and mobile hearing testing records are linked electronically to our audiometric testing devices to provide accurate and efficient testing services for your workers. Our mobile fleet currently provides hearing testing for two workers at a time with an average of 8 workers per hour being tested. In clinic hearing testing is also available as a cost saving option for companies with fewer staff.
If you have noise above 85 dBA, you require:
Hearing testing for your workers withing 6 months of hire.
Hearing testing within one year of hire and then every two years after.

Hearing tests are required yearly for any worker with abnormal hearing.

Hearing loss is permanent and almost completely preventable. Wear your hearing protection before being exposed to noise and for the entire duration of the noise exposure. You cause hearing loss every time that you lift up your ear muff or pull out your ear plug to talk to another worker because it is too loud to hear them because of the noise. If you have difficulty talking to another worker because of noise, DO NOT REMOVE your hearing protection. Those seconds of exposure add up over the months and years causing permanent hearing loss.

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