Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation

Hearing loss is permanent. Employers must reduce the Noise Exposure in the work areas for the protection of their workers. Workers must continuously wear their hearing protection (when applicable) in the work area for the entire duration of any noise exposure. Removing the hearing protection for even a few seconds every shift will result is permanent hearing loss.humanservices.alberta.ca


Employers are required to test a worker’s hearing:

Within 6 months of hire.

12 months after the initial test.

Every 2 years for the duration of employment with the Employer unless Abnormal results.

Every year for any Abnormal results.

All Abnormal Results must be reviewed by an Audiologist. HealthyWorker maintains a local contracted Audiologist for this service.

All of our hearing testing devices are calibrated each year at a nationally recognized laboratory. All hearing testing records are securely stored in both hardcopy and electronic format for ease of record searching for subsequent testing and for the provision of any requested records to WCB/Physician upon proof of consent for release from the Worker.  Our on staff Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Canada) is able to be the record keeper for any hearing tests conducted with workers in Alberta.

HealthyWorker conducts thousands of hearing tests each year from our Mobile Fleet and in our Clinic located at Bay 4, 542 39th Street North, Lethbridge, Alberta. Our Mobile bus is able to conduct approximately 8 hearing tests per hour on site. We provide Mobile Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene Services across Alberta with a focus on Southern Alberta, Southwestern Alberta, Southeastern Alberta, Southwestern B.C. and Southern Saskatchewan. Our Mobile Hearing Testing services usually book out months ahead of time with a few openings each week / month. Please contact HealthyWorker as soon as possible 403 394 9075 if your require hearing testing for your workers at your location. Appointments are preferred but not mandatory for our in clinic hearing testing, please call 403 394 9075 to book.


Personalized Hearing Protection  

Personalized hearing protection refers to the use of customized hearing protection devices (dB Blockers) in reducing noise levels to an acceptable level. dB Blockers are the “Smartest Hearing Protection in the World” with an unmatched performance and effectiveness. dB Blockers benefits far outweighs that of the general earplugs or muffs in the market. Below is a comparison.

Customized hearing protection device (dB blockers) General  earplugs or muffs
Very comfortable and easy to use – hence workers will wear them Uncomfortable and difficult inserting into ears – hence workers’ non-compliance
Has specialized filters that allow workers wearing them to communicate better in noise than if off Difficult communicating in noisy environment – workers try to remove them during communication in noise
Less expensive – the cost is less expensive per month  because you can wear them for five years More expensive – averagely cost $6.30 per month for each wearer. 3 times the cost of dB blockers (as per Custom Protect Ear)

Experienced HealthyWorker Technicians are able to come to your worksite and fit your employees individually or in groups for the customized hearing device. We can also fit your employees at our clinic.

Save your workers’ hearing, maintain compliance and reduce consumable costs.

Healthyworker is an authorized distributor for CUSTOM PROTECT EAR, the manufacturers of dB Blockers.

“Raising the Standard for Reliability: In addition to producing the highest-rated hearing protectors in North America, Custom Protect Ear is the only hearing protection manufacturer to earn ISO 9001:2000 Registration. All of our industrial protectors meet or exceed CSA, OSHA, ANSI, WCB and WSIB standards.”

This brand of ear protection uses exclusive, specialized noise filters and offers a full range of hearing protectors designed to work in a variety of different industrial environments: dB Blockers communicate ear, convertible vented, non-vented, vented and dB Blockers sleepers.

For more information about dB Blockers visit www.protectear.com to see the many options available.

Please contact 403 394 9075 to book your custom fit hearing protection fitting(s).

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