Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Respiratory Equipment“Employers must develop a Code of Practice regarding respiratory protective equipment. The code must: be in writing provide a detailed explanation of the selection, maintenance and use of respiratory protective equipment at the particular job site be readily accessible to all workers at the workplace be re-evaluated as appropriate. Where healthcare workers may be exposed to airborne bio hazardous material, an employer must ensure that the code of practice includes annual training.

The training should include:

Information about the airborne bio hazardous materials that workers may be exposed to including their potential health effects.

An explanation of why the particular respiratory protective equipment being used was chosen, including information about its capabilities and limitations and how to test for a satisfactory fit, and an explanation of how to properly put on and take off the respiratory protective equipment without contaminating oneself or other workers.”


HealthyWorker is able to assist all Employers with the development of different Codes of Practice related to your Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene Policies. Please contact us for details. 403 394 9075

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