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Alcohol & Drug Testing


HealthyWorker offers DOT, NON DOT, POCT, INSTANT, EXPRESS, 5-12 Panel, Oral Saliva, Urine, Hair, Pre-Access, post incident, laboratory testing, laboratory confirmation and laboratory specific drug testing.

Our certified professional staff are able to complete all alcohol and drug testing in our barrier free clinic.

Our new location has on street semi-truck parking for our DOT clients and front door parking for all vehicles below GVWR 11000lbs. We are not located on a Dangerous Goods Route, please park your trailer at a secure location prior to bringing your truck to our location if you are transporting dangerous goods.
Our mobile staff are able to conduct alcohol and drug testing at any location in Southern Alberta.

For locations in the remainder of Alberta we are able to book services with our existing network of alternate vendors.

After hours alcohol and drug testing services for clients in Southern Alberta are available at our clinic or at your location with services being provided by our 24/7 mobile team.

After hours services in the remainder of Alberta are subject to testing location availability.



The Department of Transportation (DOT) in the US mandates the federal testing regulations for all operators of commercial vehicles in the US DOT employers are mandated to use only urine specimens for drug testing. DOT alcohol testing requires breath or saliva specimens. All drug specimens are analyzed at approved laboratories.
While DOT employers are required to use the Standard 5-panel test: Cocaine, Marijuana, Phencyclidine (PCP), Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Opiates. The DOT requires testing to be completed for: pre-employment, reasonable suspicion/cause, random, post-accident and follow-up/return-to-duty.

HealthyWorker provides consortium and other DOT required services including Class 1 Physician medicals to assist Employers in meeting their requirements for DOT compliance. Please contact us if you require any assistance with your DOT program.

NON DOT TESTING  / Express / Instant / 5 Panel / Pre-Access


The drug testing requirements for every work area and every company are different. We purchase thousands of drug testing kits each year to match our Client’s needs. We stock 5 panel Oral instant Drug test kits and 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12 panel urine point of collection test kits that meet the needs of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta.
(Page 18 for Urine levels and saliva levels.) All of our testing kits specifically match these requirements.  Urine Instant tests detect Marijuana use for approximately 8 weeks after use. Oral Instant Drug tests detect Marijuana use in the previous 3 – 36 hours only.  Urine drug tests are the easiest to cheat while oral drug tests are almost impossible to cheat.

HealthyWorker provides site specific testing to ensure that your workers can meet the requirements for pre-employment / pre-access and other drug testing requirements. Our confidential non-discriminatory drug and alcohol testing services are available for company specific testing requirements. We also provide services for individuals who require confirmation of their current status related to an upcoming test.

Marijuana (THC) binds to fat cells in the body and may be present in urine for up to 8 weeks after the last exposure including second hand smoke.

Opiates may be present in your urine if you have been taking prescribed pain killers including Tylenol#3 which contains the opiate codeine.

Some medical conditions require that you take prescribed medication that will react with the drug testing kits that are used. We test thousands of workers every year and are very aware of the medical conditions and recreational activities of workers in Alberta.

Our goal is to assist Workers and Employers complete any required testing so that employment may begin without delay. In the instances where a worker tests non-negative (above the allowable limit for a drug) we always recommend that a laboratory confirmation of the urine test be conducted. The urine sample will be sent to the laboratory, results will be sent to our Medical Review Officer and then the Medical Review Officer will contact the worker to discuss the circumstances that led up to the non-negative test if applicable. Usually a worker has a prescription for the medication. As long as the worker is within the therapeutic range for the current use and is not above the safety threshold, the Medical Review Officer will provide clearance for the worker to return to work. If the worker is above the allowable threshold, initiation of Substance Abuse Screening with the Worker is advised so that treatment of any possible conditions may begin as soon as possible.

Drug addiction is a medical condition in Alberta. Employers must ensure that they do not discriminate against their Workers while the Worker requires accommodation for a medical condition.


Alcohol Testing

We perform thousands of DOT and NON-DOT Breath Alcohol tests each year for our clients. One breath provides instant testing results. Other types of alcohol testing are available upon request.