Air Quality

Air Quality

Of all of the risks to a worker’s health in the workplace, Air Quality is the primary concern. Determination of the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) and concentration of any hazards in the workplace is first step towards protecting your workers. Our Professional Staff are able to assist the Employer to determine the exposures present in the work area through a review of the MSDS for all products being used with confirmation being completed through sampling of the Air Quality in the work locations.HealthyWorker is able to test for the following Air Quality concerns: Compressed Breathing Air – CSA Z180.1-M85 Compressed Breathing Air must be tested regularly to ensure that it is safe to breathe.  A sample is collected and then sent to an approved laboratory at the following time: prior to first use, when the system is modified, when the system is repaired, after failure of a test when the source of contamination has been identified and removed, and every 6 months for the duration of the system in use.Dust / Mists / Fumes / Fibres / Gases / VapoursFine particles can enter the airway during breathing and block the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs.

Silica (including use of drywall)



Hydrogen Sulphide

Welding Gases and Fumes

Spray Application of Paints and Coatings

Radon (present in the soil in Alberta and seeps through foundations)


Mercury / Benzene / Solvents / Coal Dust / Biological Hazards / Mould

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